Like the legend of the phoenixAll ends with beginningsWhat keeps the planet spinningThe force from the beginning

Throwing back to earlier this summer when I continued my fractal projection series in collaboration with a friend. These photographs were created by designing and rendering fractal flames that are then projected onto the model and screen in a way that fuses the persona of the individual with the character of the image. The vibrant harmony of body and projection augments the model’s presence and conveys a dimension of emotion that is unachievable by human expression or fractal flame alone. For the rest of the series check out my flickr!With this, hopefully I’ll get lucky and get a Lumia 1020, the new phone I’ve been eyeing for ages because its time to update from WP7.5 and my HTC Radar! More info on the sweepstakes here

Bodhi Svāhā© Chloe Chia

Everything’s been starting to pile up again, and its been difficult to find time and energy to make fractals as frequently as I did before. But I’m currently working on an idea and hope to get it out soon! I’ve just upgraded to Apophysis7x, and all the new advanced features take some time getting used to, but I’ll get there.In the meantime, enjoy another piece from Synchronicity!
That Night..March 8th, 2013/March 13th, 20133:06 AM
Normally I’m not the type to let people in so easily, but sometimes people are able to just tap into the very fiber of your being, either easing or forcing themselves into the very crevasses of your soul. And it both empowers and haunts you, depending on how you take it. I want to take it all well, even though the last time I did, I ended up being reduced to nothing without him.4:48 onwards. Long intro, but damn good song. One of my personal favorites, and one that has carried me through everything. One that I hope to share with that special someone in listening to.
Nothing But You (Super8 & Tab Remix) by Paul van Dyk on Grooveshark
Evenings of LongingMarch 7th, 2013/March 13th, 20134:21 AM

Angst© Chloe Chia
BurstFebruary 27th, 20135:46 AM
Based off of Thought of You Used in my fractal projection project, Synchronicity

Passion, Pride and Pain© Chloe Chia

Fractal Projection photography, using my fractalsClick here to see more for the extension of this personal catharsis/project!
Passion, Pride and PainMarch 1st, 20136:37 AM
I don’t know how much more of your shit I can take…
A preview to my continuation of my Synchronicity/Fractal Projection photography series :)
Kindle the Fire WithinFebruary 28, 20134:49 AM
Despite all the hardships and stresses, there’s always some slivers of hope and passion that can bring you back to life again. As cold as the world may be, there are fires within us that cannot be easily extinguished. All it takes is that in the dark times, that we hold onto them, and not let go…Oh how I want to believe…
Thought of YouFebruary 13th, 20131:00 AM
Haven’t uploaded anything in ages… funny how I find myself always cycling back to these same thoughts of you, days, weeks, months, and soon to be, years. The same feelings I felt making this fractal, it’s been keeping me static. I’m feeling it again now, but I need to release it. Its 6AM and I’ve been awake since 8AM the day before. I thought I had it good, and that I’d go on fine, but at the end of the day your existence still mocks me. Especially with the way I can’t be as close to you as I would like anymore. We pretended like there was something there, but it was still empty on your part. I know I promised I wouldn’t feel anything, but it seems whatever you push to the back of your mind will always come back to haunt you. Sometimes it manifests itself in a different way; I’ve been feeling a terrible homesickness lately. The more I think about it though, it always leads back to the comfort we once brought each other, the afternoons spent in your big-windowed room, the memories, the smells, the textures… It all comes rushing back, and once again, I find myself missing you, and longing for a time long past.It’s an endless recursion of thoughts over you—I’ve got no clear parameters in sight.
WooshJanuary 30th, 20131:04 AM
Created as I was listening to yet another Anjunadeep track
Under the WireJanuary 30th, 201312:39 AM
Continuing to be inspired by the Anjunadeep collection… A great way to just let the mind be free imagining things and getting inspired as it pleases
RoseJanuary 29th, 201311:13 AM
Continuing to play around with the mandala idea..
Not AloneJanuary 28th, 20139:45 PM
Created in a moment of wondering about an assignment for a design thinking class, contemplating the interconnectedness of everything and the ecosystems within which we coincide and exist in. No matter what the situation or place of an organism or artifact, each has its place that fits somewhere in the great design.Also partially inspired by this song from the Anjunadeep collection that I cannot get enough of.